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herself, beating The PPGZ, causing trouble, winning, Miko (until she escaped)


losing, love, failing plans, PPGZ, The strongershine girls Z, Zim, Starfire, Wildfire

Voiced by

Hynden Walch (voice of Starfire and Blackfire in Teen Titans)

Main Weapon


The main villain in The Powerpuff Girls Z Adventure Heroes! series. She came from outerspace, and had created Miko/Bunnyto be evil, but Miko was more interested about people and Earth. Fearing Zebura, she had escaped from her. Zebura has tried to stopped The Powerpuff Girls Z more than once, but failed like other villains. Her main weapon is a Ribbon.


As a villain, she strives for one thing-Power. She has attempted to dominate many planets, like Tamaran, Irk, and currently Earth. She has failed at dominating any of them though. She also enjoys the pain of others, and tortures them for fun.

Powers and Abilities

Super Speed - This ability allows her to run at the speed of light. Energy Balls - similar to Starfire's Starbolts, Zebura can shoot energy balls from her hands. Ice Breath - Just like Blossom, Zebura has ice breath that she uses to freeze her enemies. Flight - She can fly, like all powerpuff's Lazer Vision - Just like the other puff's