Hello! So basically by my profile pic I am a Dexter x Blossom shipper. (Yes I've realized the ship does get a bit or a lot of hate) but I do love the pairing and hope my opinion is respected. I don't mean to anger any other shippers such as Blossick (Blossom x Brick) I just believe that Dexter and Blossom have a bit more in common and share the same interests  (Smarts and more maturity things) and even though Dexter may not be in the Powerpuff girls show he has made a few cameos/appearances so it is possible that he could be present in TownsVille? But honestly it'd be great just to see a powerpuff girl who is not with their male counterpart it would be more interesting and a nice change. I don't think this ship deserves most of the hate it gets...To be honest I think Dexter deserves a girl like Blossom, he's not exactly rude unless it has to do with maybe his laboratory getting ruined, he'd be more of a gentleman and is hardworking. I believe he is Blossoms true type. I just love them together. (My opinions no hate all love)

But in conclusion I love and support the two 😍💖💛

Blossom x dexter ppgd by ryuuseiinazuma-d6by53g