Since everyone has mixed views on couples I decided to start a poll, I have no idea what I'm suppose to do since everyone keeps on changing The current Dexter x Blossom with Brick, so I made this poll. Since a similar blog happened with the Dexter situation, dexter over ruled. So far Dexter and Blossom is leading, but this is the official poll so please give you honest opinions!

Brick and Blossom- A

Dexter and Blossom-B

Brick and Berserk-C

Blossom and a new charcater-D

Berserk and a new character-E

Brick and a new character- F

Dexter and a new character-G

Bubbles and Boomer- H

Bubbles and Cody (the boy in Powerpuff girl Z, uh he's so nice I love this couple!)-I

Bubbles and a new character-J

Brick and a new character-K

Brat and Inferno-L

Brat and a new character-M

Buttercup and Bert- N

Buttercup and a new character- O

Bert and a new character-P

Bruet and a new character-Q

Please give a letter for a couple you like, of course The series will have The powerpuff girls with someone so please chose one for them,