Hello I'm Webkinz223, a proud wiki contributor. I have notice during my absence most administers haven't been here for a while. Includings the creator of the project. Even though I'm not an administer it doesn't mean I can't help people follow the rules. I'm not making up these rules, you can find the on the home page.

Here are a set of rules you must follow:

1. Do not underestimate the Powerpuff Girls!

2. Any idiot can edit here as long as they never add any swear words.

3. The most important thing always is to...HAVE FUN!

Yet I don't feel like most of you are having fun. I noticed someone deleted an episode made bye a co-writer. Even though you don't agree with it please don't delete! I don't think they're having fun. Also can you guys please make an account. Some wiki contributers bully or harass fellow members. I want to know who is doing this. I had an account for over a year in this wikia. I want It to feel the same. So please not harass, or troll. Oh yes and The ppgzaddict is holding a contest. So If you want to joing that please make an account. I r=write episdoes for this wikia so seson 10 for the PPG will be starting soon, and I'll be writting episdoes for PPGZ as well. Please contribute to this wikia. Help each other out. Well, goodbye then.