• Seddie Lover

    Hello and AHHHH!! My sister has been block off iCarly Wiki!!!! And now she is throeing her temper tantrums! We need to help her!!

    Any subjections?

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  • Seddie Lover

    We should create The Powerpuff Girls Z: Adventure Heroes! series for both the english and japenese version.

    We can add new characters to it, and episodes. I was even thinking adding The Powerpunk Girls!

    I was even able to give Bubblesxboomer4ever her wish of Bunny appearing in the show. I like her pictures and her japenese version name Miko. If there's anymore characters you want inside, girls, just ask me!

    What Bunnyboo50 says we need a voice actors, episodes list, flim croop, team, etc.

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  • Seddie Lover

    PPGs Z! Episode Guesses!

    September 24, 2010 by Seddie Lover

    Okay, this is the episodes you have to guess corrctly. You know, what the episode's name called. So tell me your answers by comments and GOOO!!!!! Try your best dudes:

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  • Seddie Lover

    Club Blossom

    September 17, 2010 by Seddie Lover

    Your a member to Club Blossom! Welcome! Become a member!


    The self-proclaim leader


    5 (series 1) 7 (series 2)


    Bubbles & Butterup




    Professor Utonium

    Anime Conuterpart


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  • Seddie Lover

    What is your favorite Powerpuff Girl/Rowdyruff Boy couple?

    Blossom and Brick

    Bubbles and Boomer

    Buttercup and Butch

    Be honest, okay. Oh and I saw one of you have a love for BlossomxDexter. You can share that with us.

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