Hey peops I think it's time let's take a quiz. It doesn't matter if your question's wrong. Explore the wiki to get your questions write:

Quiz 1:

Who is the leader of the Powerpuff Girls:

1. Blossom

2. Bubbles

3. Buttercup

Quiz 2:

Who's signature color is purple:

1. Blissy

2. Bessie

3. Bunny

Quiz 3:

Who is the joyful one of The Rowdyruff Boys:

1. Boomer

2. Butch

3. Brick

Quiz 4:

Which couple have a love/hate relationship:

1. Beck/Brat

2. Butch/Buttercup

3. Boomer/Bubbles

4. Brock/Berserk

5. Brick/Blossom

6. Bert/Brute

Quiz 5:

Which Season (in the seasons so far) does Blossom get chicken pox:

1. Season 3

2. Season 2

3. Season 1

Quiz 6:

(Hard Question) Deja View appeared in the second series, oringarly, in the first series, what season was Deja View was going to be in and what episode number (not on the wiki):

Hint: Find out somewhere on