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Me, Myself, and I! Hi guys! To all readers, my nickname is LJ, so don't call me PPGZaddict all the time. Anyways, I live here in the Southeast Asia in a country called Philippines. I am living here on earth for about 13 years now, I will be 14 on August 16, 2012. I am currently a third year high school student, since there are no Junior High or Middle school here in my country. I also like eating, mostly sweets, and I am a hyper student in my school, and I also read pocketbooks and mangas (anime comics). My talents are to draw, sing, and act, I draw and sing most of the time.

This is my official signature:

PPGZaddict Heyyyyyyyyyya!!! 01:19, December 19, 2011 (UTC)

My Favorites!

My favorite food: Everything I eat, except some vegetables.

My favorite colors: Pink, blue, violet, green and black.

My favorite Powerpuff: Blossom of course!!

My favorite Rowdyruff: Guess who? Brick!!

My favorite Powerpunk: None? I guess Berserk.

My favorite Sweets: Chocolates!!!!

My Appearance in Real Life

Hey! Guess what! I got a new haircut! My hair now only reached below my ear and at the top of my neck (near my jaw). Don't you think it's kinda short? Well, I don't think so. This is the first time my hair was cut this short. My eyes and face are the same, nothing changed, well except my hair. My height, well it's still the same. My weight? Don't ask, coz I don't know. So? Can you picture me? Use your imaginaaaation!!

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Follow me at Twitter: @iamljaaay (three 'A's.)


Find my FB name: Lj Baldevieso

Hey! It's me Goddess Cure Mystic and i sent you a friend request: Shelby Driggs. And we also like the same stuff i also love the reds, you should check out the fanfics of blossom & brick at under the cartoon category you might like 'em! and you might get some ideas ;P


Let's chat: ljbaldevieso / Lauren Joy Baldevieso

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