The 33th episode of the series, and the 12th episode of Season 2. The Fluffy Bunch returns to Townsville mauplating Townsville again, with their cute little faces.


The Powerpuff Girls and The Rowdyruff Boys save the day for a week saving lives from crimals, bad guys, and monsters. A week later, when The Rowdyruff Boys come over at The Powerpuff's House to play, they get a call from the Mayor saying there's a robbery at Townsville's Jewelry Store.

Once the 6 get there, they find The Fluffy Bunch charming Townsville critzens with their cute looks yet again. As they used their cute looks, The Girls & Boys confront them, only for Townsville's Citzens to turn on them. Brick and Blossom are force to call the team off the job.

At The Powerpuff Girls' House, The Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys try to avoid the crime the Fluffy Bunch do, much to Buttercup's annoyance. When Brick picks up the phone, The Mayor calls again about another crime spring being inside a Toy Store. The 6 goes there, and sees The Fluffy Bunch at anothe Crime Spring. The Fluffy Bunch mainpulates the critzens again with cute looks. When The Girls and the Boys take The Fluffy Bunch to The Mayor, The Fluffy Bunch reveal their plan for turning Townsville against and stealing everything in sight. When they take The Fluffy Bunch to the Mayor, The Mayor insults The Girls & Boys calling them "Animal Haters" again. The Powerpuff Girls & THe Rowdyruff Boys try totell The Mayer that The Fluffy Bunch is evil, but The Mayor just simply inogres them, and cuddles with the cute evil animals. Fluffy Kitty, says that they're going bye-bye. Butch is about to attack them, but is stopped by his brothers.

For the pass week, The Fluffy Bunch have robbed Townsville much to The Powerpuff Girls & Rowdyruff Boys annoyance.

One day, when The Rowdyruff Boys are playing with The Powerpuff Girls, Blossom thinks of a plan to capture The Fluffy Bunch. The groups slit up with Boomer & Bubbles, Butch & Buttercup, and Brick & Blossom. Boomer & Bubbles kidnap Cuddly Bunny. Butch & Buttercup kidnap Puppy Wuppy. And Brick & Blossom kidnap Fluffy Kitty. They trap them in a cage. They make them suffer in away by sentig them being "torture" by their classmates. The episode ends with The Powerpuff Girls and The Rowdyruff Boys giggling.