The 47th episode of the series and the 5th episode of Season 3. After a battle between The Powerpuff Girls and The Powerpunk Girls, they are trapped in a freezer at school. They tried to call for The Rowdyruff Boys or somebody else's help.


While at school, The Powerpuff Girls are in a fight with The Powerpunk Girls, causing damage in the school. Then, The Powerpunk Girls pushed The Powerpuff Girls and themselves into the school's giant fridgerator. Then both teams started arguing.

Blossom: Look what you did!

Berserk: I didn't do anything. You must be overracting.

Bubbles: This is all your fault!

Brat: My fault? It's Berserk's fault. Ask her.

Buttercup: *punches Brute in the stomach* If you didn't push us in the 1st place, none of this would've happen.

Brute: Look. For your information. We didn't push you. Then, both teams grew cold. Blossom called for Brick's help. But he didn't came. Both teams had sad looks on their faces. Both teams called for Anna's help. Then, The Rowdyruff Boys came and saved The Powerpuff Girls. The Powerpunk Girls was wondering why The Rowdyruff Boys didn't save them. Brick answered because they've been messing with them. The Powerpunk Girls promised that they will stop messing with them. The Rowdyruff Boys then saved The Powerpunk Girls.