is a fictional American city, and the main setting of The Powerpuff Girls. The Narrator always opens each episode with the phrase: "The City of Townsville..." Despite its name however, Townsville is in fact a city. Townsville is practically a beautiful place, fills with clean air, home of super hero/heroines, sharing and people who are so friendly and very nice to the Powerpuff Girls, the Rowdyruff Boys, and Professor Utonium.

City Skyline

The city skyline is the opening scene of mostly every episode. Exceptional episode openings include the Citiesville skyline in Town and Out, the Citiesburg skyline in a Freedom Gal comic at the start of Super Zeroes, and the Farmsville area in Beat Your Greens.


This city is most famous for an active volcano which would later become the base for Mojo Jojo's observatory. The city is also famous for crime rates, giant monster attacks and saving of the day.


  1. Cucor's Pickles
  2. Townsville Bank
  3. Townsville Zoo
  4. Townsville Theater
  5. Townsville Museum
  6. Townsville Stadium
  7. Townsville Train Station
  8. Townsville Airport
  9. Townsville Library
  10. Townsville Fire Station
  11. Townsville Police Station
  12. Townsville Prison
  13. Townsville Bookstore
  14. Townsville Subway
  15. Townsville Lab
  16. Townsville Beach
  17. Townsville Mall
  18. Townsville Amusement Park
  19. Townsville Factory
  20. Townsville Hospital
  21. Townsville Hotel
  22. Townsville Carnival
  23. Townsville Observatory
  24. Townsville Arcade
  25. Townville Aquarium
  26. Townsville County Jail
  27. Townsville High School
  28. Townsville Middle School
  29. Townsville General Hospital
  30. Midway Elementary School
  31. Townsville Civic Center
  32. Utonium Household
  33. Mojo Jojo's Lab
  34. Townsville City Hall
  35. Townsville Cemetary
  36. Townsville's Old Magic Theater
  37. Townsville Zoo
  38. Townsville Dump
  39. Townsville Art Museum
  40. Townsville Volcano
  41. Townsville Woods
  42. Townsville National History Museum
  43. Monster Isle
  44. Doodie Diaper Corporation
  45. Hot Dogs on a Skewer
  46. Donut Thing
  47. Pokey Folks
  48. Pokey Oaks Kindergarten
  49. Pickleheim
  50. Malph's
  51. Jargon
  52. Townsville City Opera House
  53. The Nose Plug Shoppe
  54. Townsville Power Plant
  55. Townsville Chinese Theater
  56. Chinatown
  57. Little Tokyo Townsville
  58. Townsville Community College
  59. Townsville Police Department
  60. Townsville Fire Department
  61. Townsville Public Library
  62. Townsville Train Station
  63. Townsville Piers
  64. Townsville Docks
  65. Townsville Bus Station
  66. Suki's All You Can Eat Take Out
  67. Morbuck's Manor
  68. Banana Consumer Elctronics
  69. Townsville Plaza
  70. Townsville Mega Mall
  71. Townsville Stadium
  72. Townsville Morgue
  73. Fuzzy Lumpkin's Cabin


  • Townsville Park is where people, young and old, read books, play games, and have a good time. The park is also home to Mojo Jojo, who lives in his lair atop a volcano.
  • Townsville's forest is home to precious little woodland creatures, and it is also home to the now-honorary member of the Powerpuff Girls, Bullet (he has been introduced in Stray Bullet). It is also home to villain Fuzzy Lumpkins.
  • Townsville is almost like Los Angeles, CA, New York, NY, and Seattle, WA put together.


  • The coordinates of Townsville are fictionally given as 32°N by 212°W in season 4, episode 4: Him Diddle Riddle. 212°W does not actually exist, as lines of longitude only increase numerically from the Prime Meridian in either the east or west direction until they meet at 180°. If however, 212°W is assumed to be reached by traveling west from the Prime Meridian and then going past the 180th meridian, it would correspond to 148°E. This set of coordinates in real life would place Townsville in the Pacific Ocean, several hundred kilometers southeast of Japan.
  • In the orignial Season 1, Townsville is in Illinois.
  • In the original Season 2, Townsville is in Washington.
  • In the original Season 3, Townsville is in New York.
  • In the original Season 4, Townsville is in California.
  • In the original Season 5, Townsville is in Missouri.
  • In the original Season 6, Townsville is in Texas.
  • In the new Season 1, Townsville is in Louisiana.
  • In the new Season 2, Townsville is in Florida.
  • In the new Season 3, Townsville is in Georgia.
  • In the new Season 4, Townsville is in Kentucky.
  • In the new Season 5, Townsville is in Alabama.
  • In the new Season 6, Townsville is in Tennessee.
  • In Season 7, Townsville is in Oregon.
  • In Season 8, Townsville is in Maine.
  • In Season 9, Townsville is in Arizona.
  • In Season 10, Townsville is in Hawaii.
  • In Season 11, Townsville is in Alaska.
  • In Season 12, Townsville is in Indiana.