The nineteen episode of the series. After an argument between Bubbles and Buttercup, Bubbles goes to a world where everything's perfect to her, but until.....uh, oh, HIM!


It's a school day, and The Powerpuff Girls and The Rowdyruff Boys are playing outside with their classmates. As Buttercup is playing ball with Butch, she spots Bubbles playing with dolls at the school's flower garden area. Blossom is reading a book as Brick flirts with her, but she ignores him. Boomer comes over to Bubbles and joins along with her. Buttercup comes over to Bubbles saying dolls are stupid. Bubbles argues with Buttercup, leading Buttercup to destroy her dolls on purpose. Bubbles at first is angry, but bursts out crying making her fly off.

Bubbles cries on top of a hill sadly. Then she spots a viotex and goes inside it. It is a beautiful world. A version of HIM's a turtle says he has been "waiting" for her. Bubbles falls for it, and creates dolls for her for fun. HIM reminds her about Buttercup bullying her. Bubbles becomes furious and creates a gigantic doll. However; HIM reveals himself much to Bubbles shock, and her doll becomes real and alive and is at the school. Bubbles sits on the ground shocked and not saying a word. Blossom, Buttercup, and The Rowdyruff Boys try to beat the giant doll, but it's too strong.

HIM appears and tells Bubbles there's nothing she and the others can do to stop it. Bubbles thinks of an idea. She designs the doll more happier and gives the dolls that Buttercup destroy to the giantier doll. HIM, enraged, says he'll be back and vanishes. The episode ends with Buttercup saying sorry to Bubbles for her actions and Bubbles hugs her and forgives her.This is also like the episode all chalked up.