Tootsie Diamonds


herself, wanting to be a powerpuff girl, getting her own way, her powers


The Powerpuff Girls, not getting her own way, someone


A very rich girl, and is one of the new villians who made her debuted in In An Nutshell. Her personality is very similar towards Princess Morbucks. Her return appearance was The Revenge of Tootsie. She also has the Girls (and The Boys) powers, after drinking chemical x in her debuted.


She has a long ponytail in front of her head, instead of behind. She has blond hair and blue beady eyes. She is a bit pudgy, and wears a pink tu tu. After drinking chemical x, her outfit changes into a blace dress with black spikes around her stomach. Her dress has a strong remeble towards Brute's, except for the bottom of Tootsie's dress. She wears white stockings and wears black boots. She also wears black gloves.

Character Traits and Personality

Tootsie being rich means she's nothing but a spoil brat. She is usually quite quick-temper when upsetting not getting what she wants. Her personality is very similar to Princess Morbucks. Both being very spoil and greedy. However; a big difference between them is that, Tootsie is shown to actually be far more manipulative than Princess and far less over-reactive of throwing tantrums. Ever since her debuted, Tootsie is actually very manipulative and uses people to get what she wants. She often uses people who are gullible and naive, sometimes Bubbles. She is one of the few villians to manipulate Bubbles. The first being HIM.

Tootsie acts somewhat selfish and nasty. Another big difference is Princess has been unsucessful for getting a bottom of chemical, while Tootsie did. Tootsie is also very self-centered towards others. Also, being so greedy. Also, she is very indepent and somewhat agressive. She considers to be with the popular kids, instead of hanging out with people she doesn't consider unpopular, like dorks or nerds.

Interaction of Others

The Powerpuff Girls (archenemy)

The Rowdyruff Boys (enemies)