Rowdyruff Boys Page 15 by Pak009
Overall, the

firth movie of the series. The movie is about Townsville critzens turnning into zombies, everytime the bell rings. The main antagonist of the flim is Dick Hardly (who was previously in the first series), who possesses Brick.

Plot Summary

The begins with a man going into a run down warehouse. But before he can enter the keys into the front door, he begins to sense something stangle and becomes frighten. When openning the door, he is kidnapped by a zombie named Dick Hardly. Taking one drop of the man's human DNA, he creates an unstable radio-active bell, then quickly rings the large bell, causing a bell to ring, making the man turn into a zombie.

The next morning, The Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys are watching TV seeing the news reprters report that one of Townsville's loyal critzens have suddenly gone missing.

Blossom is somewhat curious whatever happen to the loyal critzens of Townsville. Realizing it is time for The Rowdyruff Boys they leave.

At the Rowdyruff Boy household, while Sasha is away, Brick and Butch are lefted in charge to take care of the house, clean, and Boomer, much to his depressition.

As Brick realizes that they need to shop for grocies, he and Butch order Boomer to buy the grocies for the household. Boomer does so and goes to the store. After buying the grocies, he sees a cute pup near the store. Boomer drops the grocies and adores his cuteness. Boomer takes him in.

Back at The Rowdyruff Boy household, Brick and Butch don't accept the pup living with them, telling him it's a big responiblity, feeding him, taking care of him, and cleaning up after him. Boomer says he'll promise to take care of the puppy, as he says Sasha will accept it. Brick tells him fine, as he says that Boomer will have to clean his messes around the house. Boomer excited says that he will name the puppy, Scooter.