The Rowdyrunk Boys - Brock, Beck and Bert are the opposites of the Rowdyruff Boys and the male counterparts of the Powerpunk Girls.
Rowdyrunk boys by thebubblesiscute-d4298nn



The Rowdyrunk Boys were created by a disgusting mad scientist, named Professor Icky, who once was a college roommate with Professor Utonium, but was disqualified for blowing up the entire lab. So he created the perfect destruction boys. He made them out of earwax, nose hairs, and everything gross. This created the Rowdyrunk Boys- Brock, Beck, and Bert. When they moved into Townsville, they met The Rowdyruff Boys, not knowing their existence. They battle them in an big battle between them, and were finally defeated when The Powerpuff girls joined in.


Brock: The self-proclaim leader of the group. He is the opposite and counterpart of Brick. Brock is quick-tempered, and can easily get mad. He wears his hair in a mullet like Brick, but spikier and curlier. He possesses little of Brick and Blossom's logic as leader. Brock is usually very bossy, and enjoys pushing his brothers around. He almost always is believed too start the conflicts between his brothers. He enjoys slapping people for no reason and likes torturing people, whenever at his opportunity. His girlfriend is Berserk. His element is everything gross. When he met Bled he said,"I'm more deadlier than you. But Bled said that they are werewolf/vampires.

Beck: The cute and bad boy of the group. He is the opposite and the counterpart of Boomer. Beck is even more dimwitted than Boomer and more naive. However; he is proved to fight and destroy just as well as his brothers. His hair is worn with a wing's cut with a small ponytail at the top. He is a loudmouth and is terrible with puns. Similar to Brat, Beck is consider to never cry, as Boomer would, if anybody harms him in anyway. Beck likes being rude to others, and trashing on the ground. He usually enjoys bothering people and making Boomer lose everything (similar to Brat to Bubbles). He wears a deep blue shirt with a thunder strike on top. He wears black pants and wears spike bracelets on, made by Brock, and wears a spike bracelet. His girlfriend is Brat. His relationship with Brat, is similar to Boomer's relationship with Bubbles, however Boomer & Bubbles relationship is more in a puppy dog way. His element is ear wax.

Bert: The toughest and grassiest one of the group. He is the opposite and counterpart of Butch. He is usually hyper, aggressive, sometimes ditzy, and a "mad dog". His hair is a spikier Mohawk going upwards. Bert usually loves playing games, and wild parties. Bert usually enjoys digging in trash cans, and playing in dirt. Bert's activity is usually disturbing people and likes fighting people. His girlfriend is Brute. Unlike Butch's relationship with Buttercup, he's relationship with Brute isn't shy. One difference between Bert and Butch is that Bert is far more wild and hyper. His element is nose hairs.