The Powerpuff Girls
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Each other, the Professor, their boyfriends, Anna Goldman, their powers


The Powerpunk Girls, Sedusa, Mojo Jojo, HIM, Princess Morbucks, Tootsie Diamonds

Blossom's Love Interests

Brick (Open/Shy), Dexter (Open)

Buttercup's Love Interest

Butch (Extremley Shy Relationship)

Bubbles' Love Interest

Boomer (Open Relationship)


10 (Season 1), 11 (Season 2), 12 (Season 3), 13 (Season 4), 14 (Season 5), 15 (Season 6), 16 (Season 7), 17 (Season 8), 18 (Season 9), 19 (Season 10), 20 (Season 11), 21 (Season 12), 23 (Mysteries)


Townsville Elementary, Megaville Elementary, Townsville Middle, Megaville Middle School, Townsville High School, Megaville High School


Anna Goldman, Robin Snyder, Berserk, Mike Believe

The Powerpuff Girls return 3 years older in the first season. They still fight monsters and still have a lot of action. Their love interests and counterparts are The Rowdyruff Boys who now turned good from Professor Albertson's science magic. Some of the Main villains return to the series. Their main theme song is that song played at the end of the credits of The Powerpuff Girls when they were little.

Team Members

Blossom sketch by sweetxdeidara-d45togd

The smart one of the group. Blossom is the self-proclaimed leader of the group. Blossom's personality is everything nice. Her appearance is different than she was little, having longer hair wearing a headband with a red bow on it, and a different pink dress. Blossom is ten in season one. She is determined and nice. Though, she still can be vain, overbearing, and fussy at times. She is a bookworm as she loves reading interesting books. Her favorite book was revealed to be Charlotte's Web. Blossom usually gets good grades. She has a crush on Brick, though, they have an open/shy relationship. Blossom is level-headed and usually parents her sisters. She still tries to play peacemaker between her sisters, as she did when she was little (though, she is very quick to argue with Buttercup). Blossom still has her ice power to freeze her enemies. She still has longer hair than sisters, despite Bubbles and Buttercup hair growing longer. Blossom is in the Acting Club as the leader of it, sometimes she can be harsh and bossy towards the members of the club, though, she is still very kind. Her best friend is Berserk, her counterpart. She usually tries to think things through. So far, it is unknown who's going to be the new voice actress of Blossom yet. Blossom is self-conscious about her appearance as she loves her outfit to be considered cute and awesome, and like her sisters, wears lipstick that the viewers cannot see unless she kisses Brick. Her relationship with Brick is somewhat at times not on good terms. They seem to be competitive towards one another as shown in 2 Teams & The Giant, as they argue and competed which team is better for the whole episode. Despite this, Brick and Blossom care and love each other a lot. Her smarts get the better her foes, as in Deja View, she quickly thought of a plan to trick The Powerpunk Girls pretending to be defeated. In the episode, Ice Princess, it is implied that Blossom maybe was making Brick jealous on purpose. Blossom even admitted at the end of the episode she was just playing hard to get with him, as well as saying her plan worked. She and Berserk are best friends.


Bubbles sketch by sweetxdeidara-d45nvj7
The cute one of the group. Bubbles personality is sugar. Her appearance is different than when she was little, having larger and longer pigtails (but not as long as Brat), with a light blue tank top and wears an aqua Kaiya eye girl pettiskirt tutu skirt, with blue sneakers. Bubbles is very bubbly and nice. She still has her cute naive nature. Bubbles now is a spirited go-getter and are cheerful. Bubbles love cuteness and enjoy fashion. She still has a love for animals and will do anything to help them. However; she has a dislike of gross insects. She has a bond with her father and is a daddies-girl. Bubbles are very sweet, really kind, and friendly. Bubbles can be independent and can prove herself to be a pushover. Her main power is her languages to speak Japanese and Spanish. Bubbles are self-assured, joyful, and ditzy. She is the leader of the cheerleader team, where she feels her cheerful fun-loving spirit belongs. Bubbles has a huge crush on Boomer as well as him, their relationship is the most open of the group. Bubbles is pure-hearted towards others. She can kick bad guys but just as well as her sisters. Her primary rival is Brat, her counterpart. Tara Strong may be returning to be the voice of Bubbles. Bubbles cheerful spirit cheers for her sisters, her friends, and Boomer. Bubbles express her feelings towards her love interest far more than her sisters. She seems to love Boomer a lot and cares how he feels as shown in Animals!. It is revealed in Love Comes From the Heart, she wishes one day she'll get married to Boomer and have children with him (which comes true). She does care for her family deeply. Like Boomer, she gets pick on by her sisters (mostly by Buttercup) and dislike Buttercup's actions towards her. However; at the end of the episode, Bubbles will forgive Buttercup. In the second film, it is revealed she is more interested in the country of Paris, since "It's the most romantic place in the world." It is also revealed she wants to marry Boomer in Paris, at night.


Buttercup scketch by sweetxdeidara-d45xzr4


The tough one of the group. Buttercup's main ingredient is spice. Her appearance is different when she was little, having now longer black hair worn out, with a long sleeve shirt with a green skort and green sneaker's. Buttercup is also the most aggressive of the Powerpuff Girls. Though, her aggressiveness gets the better of her making her reckless and stubborn. Buttercup is now alethic and loves sports. She's like a gold medal when playing sports. Buttercup's a spunky tomboy and dislikes anything girly. It is said, Buttercup doesn't have time for plans, she's all action. Buttercup is really brave and confident. She has been shown to be selfish at times, just like she was little, though, she is still though a lesson. Unlike her sister Blossom, she is still hotheaded and is not that level-headed. Though, she is really friendly. Buttercup enjoys playing rough and is the toughest out of the girls. Buttercup's aggressiveness could lead to dramatic levels highly. In a Season 2 episode, she attacked her sisters all because they looked in her diary, finding out her secret crush, which was revealed to be Butch. Her and Butch's relationship is mostly with teasing each other as they have romantic feelings for each other. She can be rude and dishonest at times. She still loves bullying her sister, Bubbles, causing Bubbles to cry and fly off. Though she does say sorry for her actions, and Bubbles usually forgives her. Buttercup has a sibling rivalry with Blossom in many episodes, but unlike when they were little, they'll forgive each other at the end of the episode. She is very active and energetic. She enjoys crime fighting as it is all action to her. Despite being stubborn and mean towards her sisters, Buttercup cares about her sisters deeply. Her primary rival is Brute. She keeps a light green diary under her pillow writing her deepest, darkest secrets. Mostly, she writes about her crush on Butch, and always makes stories about her relationship with him and wants to marry him one day, and have children (which comes true). In the second film, it reveals the places she wants to visit are Tokyo and China, because of all the action, fighting, martial art skills, and Japanese video games.

Love Feelings towards The Rowdyruff Boys

The Powerpuff Girls have big crushes on The Rowdyruff Boys as well as them. The Rowdyruff Boys seem to change their evil and mean-spirited ways and turned into more nicer, sweeter, boys. They also become great friends with The Powerpuff Girls. Each Powerpuff Girl develops a relationship with their male counterpart:

Brick + Blossom

Boomer + Bubbles

Butch + Buttercup

Blossom and Brick's Love
BloSsOM X BrIcK II by sweetxdeidara

Blossom & Brick

They're in love with each other and share an open/shy relationship. This began in the 2nd episode of the 1st season (of the 2nd series), Fun In The Sun, when Bubbles says they can use the power of romance (while Bubbles was scratching Boomer's back), and then, Brick then commented, saying that's a dumb idea, having Blossom punched Brick in the face, as Brick responded back, "What did I do?!" Though Brick always flirts with Blossom (in which she's always flattered), Blossom has shown her feelings towards Brick for example in the 1st Season 3 episode (2nd series), Special Feelings, when [[Blossom[[ and Brick go on a date at the Townsville Dump (also caught kissing fully on the mouths and happily squeezing each other's bodies as tight as they could by The Gangrene Gang), but is put on hold, since the Rowdyruff Boys were fighting the Powerpunk Girls.

Bubbles and Boomer's Love

Boomer and Bubbles relationship is the most open of the 3
Bubbles boomer vi by sweetxdeidara-d36k040

Bubbles & Boomer

relationships. Their relationship is the most popular of the fan base. They are known to love each other deeply. They often play together, build sand castles together, and flirt with each other throughout the series. Bubbles express a true girl crush on Boomer (however more openly), and Boomer has a true boy crush on Bubbles (however; unlike most boys at their age, Boomer expresses his feelings towards Bubbles more openly than regular boys). Boomer heavily blushes nervously at Bubbles love advances towards him, and enjoys it. The two lovebirds do in fact care for one another. Like the episode, Animals!, Bubbles had tried to cheer up Boomer began to cry over a dolphin. Another episode in which Bubbles cares for Boomer in a Season 3 episode, Boomer's Sick, Bubbles taken good care of him, instead of fighting crime with her sisters and his brothers. Boomer cared for Bubbles whenever she cries and gets a worried looked showing concern for her. They usually root for each other when ever competing. Bubbles repeatedly kiss Boomer giving him several lipstick marks. They have a lot of similar interests from loving animals to art. They both plan to get married and have children.

Buttercup and Butch's Love
BuTTerCuP x BuTcH by sweetxdeidara

Butch & BC

Butch and Buttercup's relationship is mostly teasing each other, but they are known to have romantic feelings for one another. As revealed in the episode, Buttercup's Diary, it was revealed that Buttercup's indeed in love with Butch. Although, before this episode, it already showed she has feelings for Butch. Butch's feelings for Buttercup are shown as he's always at Buttercup's side. In A Girly Side To Buttercup, he said Buttercup is really pretty. They are shown to care for each other. Buttercup is shown her love for Butch in The Valentine Special.


List of Superpowers

List of Superpowers and Abilties

Group Attacks

  • Furious Fiery Feline
  • Starburst Ray
  • Spin at superspeed to drill into the ground
  • Creating after-image doubles (who can also fight) or plan XQ
  • Morphing into a ball to save people or strike them out
  • Razzle Dazzle aka Flower Petals of Doom: A twister with devastating after-effects
  • A frontal triple attack performed with a screw-like trajectory.
  • Mega Blast Beam
  • Cherry Bomb
  • "2-Tornado"
  • Wing plan R
  • Fast Ball Special
  • Triple Attack
  • Fireball
  • Cosmic Cannon Ball
  • Acrobattack
  • B bomb
  • Attack Pattern Alpha Omega Atari
  • G37
  • Bowling Ball Special
  • Atomic Twister
  • Superspin
  • Reflect pattern omega
  • Powerpuff Megablast
  • Elemental Overdrive
  • Boyfriend Bash



  • Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup were named by the Professor, and each name is supposed to give an idea of their personalities. Blossom was named for being open and approachable, Bubbles was named for her giggling once Blossom received her name, but Buttercup received her name "because it also began with a 'B'," leading to her personality. Their names in French are Belle [beauty], Bulle [bubble]] and Rebelle [rebel].
  • All of the Girls names start with B, and have a set of double letters, except in Italy, where their names are Lolly (Blossom), Dolly (Bubbles) and Molly (Buttercup).
  • In China, their Chinese names are two same Chinese words, not actually translated by original English names. Their names in Chinese are "花花" [flower] for Blossom, "泡泡" [bubble] for Bubbles and "毛毛" [hairy] for Buttercup.
  • In the Latin Spanish dub, Las Chicas Superpoderosas, their names are Bombón [bonbon] for Blossom, Burbuja [bubble] for Bubbles and Bellota [acorn] for Buttercup.
  • Blossom and Buttercup's names are references to types of flowers.
  • The ingredients used to make the Powerpuff Girls and also the Rowdyruff Boys are based on the Nursery Rhyhm, What are Little Boys made of?
  • They have alternative/parallel appearances as the Run of the Mill Girls Oops, I Did It Again, and Steamypuff Girls West in Pieces, etc.,
  • Blossom's weakness is the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard, as revealed in the book Scary Princess where Princess tells Ace, Blossom's weakness and he uses it on her.
  • In The City Of Clipsville, where the girls appear as teenagers, they have abandoned their main purpose in life which is fighting crime and are living normal teenage lives. They also develop crushes on their teenage male counterparts who also have abandoned their purpose in life which is destroying the girls, They then organize dates with their counterparts. However, the girls were really ditzy, succeeding in only confusing the boys in the flashback and when it was over, Buttercup said, "Boy were we dumb.", and her sisters agreed. The Rowdyruff Boys are also the only villains who the girls were unable to directly defeat in battle.
  • The girls greatest weakness is their constant arguing, as seen in Crazy Mixed-Up Puffs.
  • According to Silent Treatment, the girls love movies in a really cool theater with color and sound, car crashes and explosions. They absolutely dislike silent movies.
  • Reeking Havoc establishes that April is the girls' favorite month.
  • In the making of their first short Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins, the girls' name had to be changed from Whoopass and two friends of Craig McCracken's separately came up with the name Powerpuff.
  • In some episodes, Bubbles and Buttercup have slept on the wrong sides of the bed and failed to realize it.
  • The girls' names appear to be based on three good fairies from Sleeping Beauty.
  • The girls are also based on Margaret Keane's waifs.
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