The seventeenth episode of the series. Princess makes her return appearance here.
Princess and sedusa by turtlehill-d3f8bov



The Powerpuff Girls and The Rowdyruff Boys are hanging out together at night (implying to be a date) and are holding with their counterparts drinking root beer. On Blossom‘s phone, she gets a call from the Mayor and says to look on the news on TV and go back to their houses. They see Princess being Queen of Townsville. The boys only confront due to the Powerpuff Girls being taken by the guards of Princess. Princess says there's nothing they can do, since if they beat her up, her guards will only make her be release out of jail. The Powerpuff's and Rowdyruff's house with all their furniture being taken are in a deep sadness can do nothing against Princess. Brick thinks of an idea. As Princess is asleep the Rowdyruffs steals all of Princess money and donate it to every person in Townsville. Once Princess finds out this that she's poor she goes to the Rowdyruff Boys for help. They'll only give back her money if she stops the mishap, give back all their stuff and release The Powerpuff Girls. Princess, regretly says yes. They give back her money and as they fly off with the Powerpuff Girls, Princess is in trouble with her father.