The Fluffy Bunch

The Fluffy Bunch

The Fluffy Bunch.


An cute animal troup who are villains. They first appear in the First Series, in a very minor episode. They are recurring villains in the second series. Their names are revealed as:

Team Members

Fluffy Kitty

The leader of the group, and is female. Her personality is quite bullying. Her kitty cat looks are quite cute. She is somewhat mean-spirited and spoiled.

Cuddly Bunny

The cute bunny of the group, and is female. Like the other members, she is spoiled, and greedy. She has an intelligent side,but she can trick people easily. Cuddly is much nicer then the other members, but is spoileness and greedeness interfiers with that. She usually bounces around usually.

Puppy Wuppy

The group's cute and rough and tough pup, and is male. Like the others, he is spoil, greedy, and mean, and likes rare things. He has a big love for dog treats. Puppy Wuppy is quite tough more than the others, but he can be ditzy at most of the time usually getting hit by Fluffy Kitty.