The Flowerfluff girls

Flowerpuff girls colored by starvalerian-d33o1lo

Toffee, Brienna & Theodora

The Flowerfluff girls (Formerly Known as The Flowerpuff girls.) also known as The Unholy Trinity were made of Toffee, Saffron, and Diamonds. But their creator, Professor Jose Buds Lezcano's pet accidentally pushed him into the chemical x which lead to the creation of the Girls.


Brienna: Brienna is the leader of the Flowerfluff Girls. She has long hair put in a ponytail and wears a lilac dress. She is outgoing, beautiful, smart, and sometimes a bit of a control freak. Her Ingredient is Diamonds..

Toffee: Toffee is the joy and the laughter of the Flowerfluff Girls. She has her hair in a ponytail and wears a beautiful green and white outfit. She is caring, generous, cute, and sometimes sensitive. Toffee's personality is pretty similar to Bubbles'. She is named after her core Ingredient, Toffee.

Theodora: Theodora is the toughest and sassiest of the Flowerfluff Girls. She has long dark brown hair and wears a fuchsia dress. Theodora is nice, tough, generous, and smart. Her Ingredient is Saffron.


Brenna: One of The Shadowpuff Girls. She befriended Brienna & Toffee.

Attica: A witch that befriended Brienna & Theodora.

Argyle: A warrior of divine light. When she and Attica team up, they become a powerful and unstoppable duo against the evil intentions against humanity and defend the peace on Earth.