Bunny: Back in the old series in the Powerpuff girls the Powerpuff girls created a fourth sister named Bunny to help them fight evil. But the concoction went wrong. She was big, tall, and dumb. At the end of the episode when she saved the Powerpuff girls from escaped prisoners she was unstable and exploded which making the Powerpuff girls very sad. But she is back and has her o wn team now and is the leader of it to! She may not be the Powerpuff girls sister anymore but now they are BFFL's with them. Her sisters are to! Bunny is smart, serious, friendly, a little bossy, and naive. She has a boy counterpart named Buddy and a evil counterpart named Bellrose.

Beauty: Beauty was not suppossed to be part of the Cutiepuff girls at all. She was suppossed to be dead. Back in time her REAL name was Robyn and she was just a normal beautiful girl. But when she was walking in the park one day she got killed by a wolf which attacked her. But mysteriously she is back in the Powerpuff girls time of world and has superpowers! Beauty is the the "beautiful one" and will always stick to that no matter what. Beauty is intelligant, beautiful, friendly, caring, and lovable. She has a boy counterpart named Beast and a evil counterpart named Bethona.