The 15 episode of the series. While on a boat trip, Blossom loses her headband by a seas monster eating it making her go insane!


On a boat trip, The Powerpuff Girls, The Rowdyruff Boys, and Anna Goldman is in the sea on a private cruise. Professor is staring at the boat. Blossom's sunbathing in her main outfit, Brick is playing a boardgame with Butch and Anna, Buttercup is pretending she's fighting a monster, while Bubbles and Boomer play arm wrestle. Blossom then starts telling everyone to be quiet, because she's relaxing, and then she gives out a speech about "relaxition" and "calm". They ingnore her making yell out and saying listen. As she yells, a monster appears and grabs Blossom. Blossom defeats it, but however, her headband falls into the monsters mouth only making it swallow her headband. Blossom is sad for her headband, and her sisters and her friends try to comfort her. However; she begins to laugh strangly. Blossom then starts acting like an ape that gone wild and destroys everything! This causes the cruise to to collaspe. Blossom then starts throwing lasers at them, making them stay away from from her. Blossom then goes underwater up and down. The others think she lost it, completely. They decide to call the cops until Blossom breaks the phone. Soon they decide to look the sea monster while Anna keeps control of Blossom, with The Professor. it looks like the craziest came from Blossom loosing her headband. she never took it off before. They susselfully destroy the monster and gets Blossom's headband and gives it back to Blossom.