Powerpunk gils

the punks ready to fight the puffs

The tenth episode of the series. The Powerpuff Girls vs. The Powerpunk Girls in a game of basketball.


One day, The Powerpuff Girls are playing basketball against The Rowdyruff Boys and are playing fairly. Anna is the referee.

Before the winner decided, The Powerpunk Girls appear and challages the girls to a fighting match. The Powerpunk Girls says if they win they take The Powerpuff Girls and the rowdyruff boys house and everything. So it was a deal.

The Girls accepted and everybody witnesses the match of the Powerpuff Girls and The Powerpunk Girls. Anna Goldman and The Rowdyruff Boys are the referrad. The Rowdyruff Boys roots for The Powerpuff Girls (their counterparts) to win. Boomer then screams "GOOO!" So the games start.

The Powerpuff Girls and The Powerpunk Girls begin the basketball fight. The Powerpuff Girls play fairly, but however, The Powerpunk Girls are cheating and scores 10 and Powerpuff 0. The Powerpuff Girls loses and is force to give up their house to The Powerpunks. The Girls, the boys, and Professor Utonium sleep outside now. The Powerpuff Girls are freaked out of bats and bugs and mosquitos

The next day on a Saturday, they go to The park and the Rowdyruff Boys says they can't give up yet. The Boys encouragment helps the Girls and they thank them.

So the next day, the Girls challenge the Powerpunks once more. The Girls use the same angle as The Powerpunk Girls did on them. The Powerpuff Girls win and The Rowdyruff Boys hug their counterparts. The Powerpunk Girls says they didn't want their house anyway since it is "boring". So the day is saved thanks to The Powerpuff Girls and the rowdyruff boys!