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The eighth episode. Brick tries to get Blossom to go to the Girl's Star Choice Dance with him.


Part One

At a school day, after the annocement, Brick asks Blossom if she wants to go to the kids choice dance with her, however, she inorges him. Bubbles and Boomer are out in Townsville Swan deciating for The Girls Star Choice Dance. While doing, Boomer asks Bubbles if she would like going to the dance with him, which Bubbles very happilys says yes, and jumps on Boomer, kissing him repeatedly. Buttercup asks Butch to the dance and he says yes. Back to Brick, during class, Brick throws a paper airplane at Blossom, saying, "Can you go to the dance with me." Blossom writes back, "I'M WORKING!" After class, Brick goes to Anna, and asks if she knows what Blossom likes. She tells him 3 things she likes: books, music, and Sakura flowers. So after school, Brick goes find these things.

Part Two

When Blossom's home, there is a nock on the bedroom door, and Blossom opens it. It is of course none other than Brick. Brick gives Blossom some books and asks her to the dance. Blossom, with an annoyed face, says she already has those books, much to Brick's shock. Later, in the treehouse brick gives her a soical studies book, Blossom says she already has many soical studies books, and tells him to she needs to be doing her homework. Later, Blossom is in the bed room. Brick gives her Sakura flowers for her. Blossom, now really happy, accepts the flowers and gives Brick a kiss on the cheek, saying, "Your so sweet." She then lets him in. Brick hits on Blossom, making Blossom impressed. He is about to tell Blossom if she wants to go with him to The Girl's Star Choice Dance, until the ground shakes, and a giant octople comes and takes Blossom. Brick saves Blossom sucessfully and asks her the question he wanted for the entire day. Brick holds Blossom in his arms, and she finally says, yes she'll go with him to The Girl's Star Choice Dance. Then at night, Brick and Blossom, Boomer and Bubbles, Butch and Buttercup dance with each other slowly and shooting stars come down. The three couples hug each other of their love for each other.

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