This is an article about the differences and Similars of Boomer and Bubbles


  • Both are the "joy and the laughter" of the group
  • Both are consider the cutest of their group.
  • Both have the same signature colors
  • Both is the crybaby of the group
  • Both are not the brightest of the group
  • Both can be aggressive when pushed
  • Both share a special power similar to each other (Bubbles knows how to speak Spanish while Boomer knows how to speak French)
  • Both seem like the youngest of the group
  • Both are naive, playful, caring, ahletic, bubbly, and joyful and display an innocent demeanor
  • Both feel attached to their father figures
  • Both have a doll of each other (Boomer has a doll of Bubbles he sleeps with, while Bubbles has a doll of Boomer and also sleeps with)
  • Both are the group's weak link


  • Bubbles is more naive than Boomer
  • Boomer's color is dark blue while Bubbles' color is light blue (however her skirt is aqua blue)