Setsuna Tohomiko
Setsuna Tohomiko









Hair Color

Honey Brown

Eye Color

Dark Green




Kimiko Tohomiko (Daughter), Toshiro Tohomiko (Husband), Tomoko Tohomiko (Daughter)

Setsuna Tohomiko was born Setsuna Li, she was the husband of Toshiro Tohomiko and mother to both Kimiko and Tomoko Tohomiko. She later passed away when Kimiko was three years-old and Tomoko being twelve by a drunk drivering accident.


She had long honey brown hair with dark forest green eyes, which she had inherited from her great-great-great-grandmother Sakura. She has naturally pale skin and a model-like body.


She was a kind and gentle woman who always put others before herself.


She was born as Setsuna Li to Kersen and Hidekazu Li. Her family is the descendents of the Clow Mistress Sakura Li and Clow Reed himself. She had met Toshiro by accidently running into him whilst getting some coffee. Her bloodline has extremely powerful magic within from both the Reed lineage and Li lineage. Her powers mostly has to do with the natural elements: fire, air, wind, earth, water, darkness, and light. She can sense supernatural beings and magic. She is a descent of Japanese, Chinese, and Polynesian roots. When she and her youngest daughter Kimiko was coming back from shopping for new clothes; they were hit head on by a speeding drunk driver. Kimiko was about to go through the windshield, she had thrown herself in front of her and got the most of the impact. The sudden impact killed her instantly with Kimiko to suffer the after effects with both blindness and muteness from the accident. Kimiko had also suffered in a twelve year long coma from the harsh surgeries and accident itself.


  • Precognition: She had the ability to see into the future through her dreams
  • Supernatural Sense: She could sense a supernatural being within her area
  • Exceptionally Good Luck: She had an incrediable amount of good luck
  • Clow Magic: This type magic that is linked by Clow Reed's magic line
  • Balance Magic: She drew her magic from the balance in the universe
  • Magic Detection: She could automatically detect magic
  • Spirit Detection: She could automatically detect spirits and ghosts
  • Elemental Magic: She could perform elemental magic with multiple types of elements
  • Elemental Control/Manipulation: She could control and manipulate the elements to whim