This is Season 7 of the series. This season has more episodes than any season of the series, as well as movies. Guest star celebrities will play as characters.


Episode List

Who's that Squirrel?

Keep Going, Girls!

Powerpuff Play

A Tale of Pigtails

The Sun-Sational Surprise!

A Little Paste Management

Shell Shocked at The Beach!

Nicktooned Out

Born to Be Aerodynamic

Powerpuff Girl Appreciation Day!

Happy Birthday, Bubbles!

Rowdyruff Devils?!

Air Rides for Everybody!

Downtown Townsville

A Little Mortal Kombat

Welcome to Powerpuff Paradise!

Buttercup Takes The Cake

No Television, No Fighting Crime!

Powerpuff of July

Happy New Year, Bubbles and Octi

Little Miss Bossier...and Pink

Rolling Bubbles X

Digestive Espionage

Buttercup's Vuvuzela Festival

Boomer's Big Surprise

Thanksgiving Supper Villains

Party Pooper Punks!

No More School 4 Us

Three Girls and One Crystal Fairy

Nine Misfortune Rookies (feat. Annoying Orange)

The Candy is Handy Dandy Shop

Complete Copy Cat Clone Calamity

A Funtastic Visit to Atlantis (Part 1 and 2)

Roller Boomer!

A Switch to Our Elements

Butch Pulls the Finger

The Crisis of Townsville!

A Pixie Dust Bag of Small Helpful Crystals

The Nightmare Monster's Fortress

You Sunk The Powerpuff Battleship!

Bubbles, Shipwrecked!

Powerpuff Star Wars (Short and Takes About 1 Hour)

Sand Castle Battle!

Half-Baked into A Crusted Girl!

Bubbles Minus Boomer Forever???

The Big Fat Rainbow Lollipop

A Present for Blossom

Brick's Magnet Madness!

Hospital Horrors!!!

Like Taking Candy from A Baby...