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Happy Birthday!

This is the sixth season of The Powerpuff Girls: Action Time! Many of the episodes are spoofs of Powerpuff Girls Z, you know.

Episode List

Bouncing Bubbles!

Family Bonding

Dictator Buttercup the Bossy Coach!

Friends in the Highest Places

Bubbles' Troubles!

Happy Birthday to Boomer

Fashion Attack!

Sleepless in Townsville

Practice Makes Powerpuffs!

No More Mr. Nice Rowdyruff Boys

Powerpuff Pizza!

Flower Power

Fairy Tale Fantasies

The League of Loveable Ladies!

Let's Go to The (Evil) Dentist

Saturday Powerpuff Fever!

Wazzup with Buttercup?

There's No "Eye" in Powerpuff!

Never Steal Candy from Bubbles

Cleanliness is Next to Justice!

The Doggy Days of Townsville

Octi Gone Evil...Again!

Powerpuff Boys

Wild Moon Chase!

Powerpuff TV

Rowdyruff Girls!

Bunny Gets Her Hole and Bullet Gets Her Tree

The New Moves of Buttercup!

Beauty Bubbles and The Green Beasts (one hour special)

The Happy Thought Blaster!

Hoppy Now, Harmony Bunny?

Who's A Brat?!

Puffy-Punky-Shiny-Ruffy Interprets

I Scream for Ice Cream

Love Me, Hate Me

Triple Toruble

Last Words Until the Bell

Ruff to the Pup

Clamorous Showdown

The Hot Spot

Bump Off the Old Chap

Stop the Rock

Whispers for Whiskers

A Sick Twist

Endless Power

Boats, Trains, and Planes

The Powerpuff Girls Z (Sequal to Super Z)

Go Go Go!

Mild Kids on the Rock

Mystery Under Go

Baby Puff Trouble



Magical Love

Dream On!

To Zombies Rings the Bell (Movie)

The Big City

Don't Cry Boomer

Honey Bunny

Anyway You Slice It

The Break Fourth Wall Countdown (Crossover Season Finale)

*Note* The Break The Fourth Wall Countdown is when the fans choose which Cartoon Network Show breaks the Fourth Wall More