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The Rowdyruff Boys, love, flowers, playing with The Rowdyruff Boys, The Powerpuff Girls, happiness, children, shopping, Oppressor Plutonium (until the end of the episode)


no love, being disturbed, Oppressor Plutonium (at the end of the episode)


Around 19-25


Around Season 5

Her first appearance was in Trailer in Season 5, after Mojo betrayed them. Sasha is kind, caring, and very level-headed young woman, who has a strong bond with The Rowdyruff Boys, as they quickly grew to see Sasha as a parent. She had once dated Oppressor Plutonium, in the episode, Stop! In The Name of Love, much to the boys dismay (since they hate The Powerpunk Girls). However; the relationship didn't last for long until she found out Oppressor's evil and broke up with him. Sasha also has super powers, but doesn't use it often, unless she's mad or furious. She moved to Townsville in order to continue working as a social worker, which is what inspired her to adopt the RowdyRuff's. She works for Kids-R-Us (a child adoption agency/orphanage with a name inspired by the toy store chain, Toys-R-Us). She loves her job dearly and every day works hard to not only provide for her family but also provide for children around the world.


Sasha is a kind, caring, and very level-headed young woman. She is known to be motherly, sweet, and mature. Sasha also has a good skill of cooking, which The Rowdyruff Boys really love, most apprently Boomer. Sasha does have powers, but doesn't use it that often, unless she is furious. She is secretly in love with the Proffessor (due to the fact that he is just like her ex-boyfriend the Oppressor, ecept 'GOOD'), but due to the clear love attraction between the Rowdyruff Boys and the Powerpuff Girls she keeps her feelings a secret.