The 31st episode of the series and the 10th episode of Season 2. Professor Utonium goes out for the night and gives permission for the Powerpuff Girls to have a wild party. But their party is interrupted by the Powerpunk Girls.


The Powerpuff Girls' father, Professor Utonium, is needed at the Math Geeks of The Year Awards. He leaves the girls in charge for the first time. He gives them permission to have a wild party while he's gone. He then leaves.

The girls clean up their house and make a completely different style house on the inside (more hip-hop). They get out all the snacks and drinks, and goes over the party guests:

  • Brick
  • Boomer
  • Butch
  • Anna Goldman
  • Kevin
  • Mitch Mitchellson
  • Kayla
  • Crystal
  • Daniel
  • Molly
  • Chance

Then all the guests arrive.

The Powerpuff Girls sing the song in the opening theme "Saving The World".

As Blossom dances with Brick, Bubbles dances with Boomer, and Buttercup dances with Butch, the Powerpunk Girls suddenly come over and ruin the party, and kicks out the Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff Boys from the party. They then fight them in a big battle. The Rowdyruff boys lose because Butch said that girls were stupid.He was saying it to the Powerpunk Girls but the Powerpuff Girls misunderstood and they got mad.

Later,the wild party continues and stops at 10:00 PM. The next morning, the professor wins The Math Geeks Awards, and gets a big trophy.