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Hair Color

Dark chestnut brown

Eye Color

Sapphire Blue


July 25


Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Boomer, Professor Utonium, her friends, her family, Mitch Mitchelson, Mike Believe, Julie Smith, Bud Smith (on and off)


Brute, Brat, Mojo Jojo, HIM, Princess Morbucks, Fuzzy Lumpkins, Gangreen Gang, Patches, Sedusa

Robin Snyder is a very close friend to both the girls and the boys.


She has dark chestnut brown hair with bright sapphire blue. She has a pale complexion and stands at 5'6 and weighs 152 pounds. She wears a red sleeveless tank top with an open white jacket over it. She also wears a green skirt and white mary janes.


She had moved to Townsville when she was five, right beside the Powerpuff Girls. She has a cat named Ginger and she lives with her parents. Shortly after, Robin met Princess Morbucks, who tricked Robin into leaving the girls and stealing, but not because she wanted to be friends with Robin, but for her need to be a Powerpuff Girl. After she tricked Robin into stealing candy from a local convenience store, she tattled on her to the authorities and the Powerpuff Girls arrived. However, after everything was explained and the truth was revealed, Robin was pardoned. Robin and the part where she was a victim of Princess' conspiracy was referenced in Twas the Fight Before Christmas. It's possible that she may be closest to Bubbles out of the three Powerpuff Girls, since Bubbles was the first of the three to actually befriend her, and whenever Robin's with the sisters, she's usually nearest to Bubbles.


She is usually shy around new people, she is mostly calm and serene. She is bookish just like Blossom.


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