Hair Color

White with a single blue streak

Eye Color

Pale blue


Grimwood's school

Scooby, Scrappy, Shaggy, Matches, Winnie, Sibella, Elsa, Tanis


Calloway boys, Revolta

No information

Phantasma is a ghost at Miss Grimwood's Finishing School for Ghouls.

Physical appearance

Phantasma is transparent, highlighted by a blue tinge. She has short white hair with a blue streak, worn in a sideways ponytail. She wears a simple light blue dress with high heeled white cowboy boots.


Phantasma is the most loud, hyperactive, and playful of the girls, and has a very high-pitched laugh that she uses usually before speaking and to express her feelings. She is also silly and wacky, but is actually smarter than she appears. She also loves to play, float, and run around.

Powers and abilities

Since she is a ghost, she can float through many objects. She can also spin her head around like an owl. As a specter, Phantasma can become intangible at will. This makes her able to phase through both inanimate objects and people alike. Naturally this makes her both difficult to catch and wound. As a spirit she is unable to die and is virtually immune to physical attacks although magic of sufficient power can subdue her.


Her gift to her father was a composition which she wrote and played with Miss Grimwood's hand keyboard with her octopus butler on drums; it was called "Duet for Three Hands and Six Tentacles".