Peter Zimmerman




Pale Blonde




11 (Season 1), 12 (Season 2), 13 (Season 3), 14 (Season 4), 15 (Season 5), 16 (Season 6), 17 (Season 7), 18 (Season 8), 19 (Season 9), 20 (Season 10), 21 (Season 11)

Love Interest




Peter is Banana's Ex-Boyfriend, his true nature was revealed later on in the series.


He is a cold, sarcastic, sadistic man who was born around the 1700s. He died during the Salem Witch Trials, and was accidently brought back by HIM when his plan on destroying his enemies back fired. HIM was planning on making a concotion using an old witchcraft book from the 1700s, but accidently made the wrong one because they both look the same.


He wears a white t-shirt with a red cross with a knife going through it over a black leather trench coat. Wears dark blue jeans with a spiked belt, with black biker boots and black leather gloves. He has a piercing on his right ear.


Peter was killed during the Salem Witch Trials because he was born with Chemical X in his blood stream (the first known case of Chemical X). Even though he was killed his spirit was sealed within a locket by the ancestor's of the teams. Before he was sealed he swore he would get his revenge and kill those who locked him up. Now almost a 1000 years later HIM has the locket which has sealed him in, to use a potion to destroy his enemies once and for all. Once the locket was placed in the potion it had broke the seal and released him from his prison, he then took the form of a young boy. He later is seen walking around Townsville, when a monster started to attack the city. The PPG, SSG, and RRB is then seen flying towards the monster ready to fight, he suddenly recongized them as the people that was responsible for his consealment. He didn't know that it was the people's ancestor's though. And began to think up away to get his revenge.