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Butch and Brute fighting in this episode

The 45th episode of the series and the third episode of Season 3. Oppressor Plutonium tries to help his daughters destroy The PPGs. However; they end up fighting The RRBs, where Oppressor Plutonium awaits with a secret weapon to destroy the boys- and later the girls.


At The Powerpunk Girls' house, The Powerpunk Girls are watching TV. Their father, Oppressor Plutonium who is sick of his daughters taking breaks of destroying The Powerpuff Girls. Berserk, Brat, and Brute say they'll try to destory them later. Oppressor says he wants them destroy the PPGS and the RRBS now and he's got a weapon to destroy them in case they fail. The Powerpunk Girls annoyed, agrees to fight. Their father then happily takes them downstairs to show them the secret weapon.

Meanwhile, the Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff Boys are playing at the park together. Their fun is soon ruined when The Powerpunk Girls show up. The Rowdyruff Boys fight for The Powerpuff Girls. First they're insulted by Brat's sassy insults, which makes Brick mad, making him pull Brat's pigtails and spins her around using her and knocks her sisters out, and then tosses her.

They then crash, with The Powerpuff Girls cheering for The Rowdyruff Boys. Boomer uses his electical baseball using energy orbs to hit Brat, but falls to the ground hard when Brat reflects them with her electical wand. Berserk fights Brick, but is knocked out when Brick uses his fire breath on her. She lands on Boomer, who is still resting on the ground. Butch fights Brute, but gets knocked out by her, landing on Berserk.. Brick decides them to use teamwork using 'Megablast'. However The Powerpunk Girls use it also, sending both teams back. They continue to fight.

Meanwhile, Oppressor Plutonium is waiting at the house with the secret weapon. Once both teams get there, Brick sees the weapon's laser heading straight for Butch, and pushes him out the way. They see it is a laser machine to blow up their existance. They make a plan to destroy the machine.. Boomer and Butch distract the Powerpunk Girls as Brick tries to destroy the machine. He manages to destroy it when he uses heat vision to blow up the machine. The Powerpunk Girls and Oppressor Plutonium escape after the machine explodes. Soon, The Rowdyruff Boys go back to The Powerpuff Girls.

Later, The Powerpunk Girls are not so ashamed that they lost. They aplogize to the Oppressor, and he forgives them, and they'll try much harder next time.