The 44th episode of the series, and the second episode of Season 3. When The Professor breaks Blossom's new pink heart vase (which she spents her entire allowance on), he goes through great lengths of getting, by Oppressor Plutonium.


Blossom buys herself a red heart vase, with her allowance money. She puts it on top of her dresser for safe keeping. Professor walks in and proudly happy for Blossom doing a great job around the house. As he walks out, he suddenly trips over and crashes into the dresser causing the heart-shape vase to break.

Blossom gets upset for her vase to break, after spenting her entire allowance on it. Professor says sorry to Blossom, where at the point she goes into a deep depression.

Professor feels bad for Blossom, making him go to the store to buy a new vase. Professor finds out there is one heart-shape vase avalible in store. Oppressor Plutonium suddenly confronts the Professor, saying he is also trying to buy a heart-shaped vase for his daughter, Berserk. Professor Utonium is then forced to fight with Oppressor Plutonium.

Back with Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, and The Rowdyruff Boys
playing video games. While Boomer and Buttercup are competing against each other, Brick tries to comfort Blossom, but she keeps being depressed. Brick tells her maybe she was being a bit harsh on The Professor by her depression. Blossom finally over it, agrees with Brick, and feels bad for The Professor.

Back with the fight, Professor and Oppressor finally see the vase. Oppresser races to get it on the table, but trips and knocks the table on him knocking him unconsious. The vase is thrown in the air. Professor tries to get but trips. However; the vase safely lands in his hands making him happy. He pays for it and then heads home.

Back with Blossom, she feels bad for her father and feels sorry for herself for being in a depression. Then the Professor arrives. Blossom immediately says she's terribly sorry for her actions towards him. The Professor forgives her, and then shows her the vase. Blossom doesn't feel she deserves it, until The Professor convinces her, she does deserve it.

Meanwhile, the scene goes to The Powerpunk Girls inside their house watching TV. Oppressor Plutonium arrives sadly saying he failed Berserk, but she forgives him, as well as saying they'll get back at The Powerpuff Girls. Oppressor Plutonium hugs his daughter.