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Ms. Bellum



Hair Color

Dark red

Eye Color

Light brown






Her job, the girls, the boys, the mayor, the Professor, Berserk


Crime, evil, the Mayor being stupid

Ms. Sara Bellum is a character in the Cartoon Network animated series The Powerpuff Girls. She is voiced by Jennifer Martin.

Usually beside Mayor, Ms. Bellum is his deputy and the "brains" of his operations. She has red hair, wears a red dress, red shoes, and her face is almost never shown throughout the series. The Mayor's very competent assistant, a statuesque redhead. Ms. Bellum is a very beautiful, sexy, tall, shapely lady with a great deal of curly red hair and a red dress and speaks with a throaty, alluring, and quite unruffled voice. She handles things the Mayor can't, which is practically everything. Her face is never revealed on screen (except for one instance in a form of a dog in Monkey See, Doggie Do and until The Powerpuff Girls Rule!). Whenever she appears, an object will either block her face or the camera will cut off everything above her neck. Whenever she is the center of attention (as when Blossom's mind was switched to her body or when she fought Sedusa) her hair often covers her face. Other onscreen characters often claim that she is very pretty, with the exception of the abrasive Talking Dog. In the bleak future of the episode Speed Demon, she expresses an obsessive attachment to the Mayor, possibly proving that she is in love with him, despite the fact he's married. She attended elementary school with the Professor and Ms. Keane and attended high school with Sedusa and Femme Fatale prior to the creation of the Powerpuff Girls.


Ms. Bellum is also a good fighter as she can fight against Sedusa. She also has high intelligence. Ms. Bellum is often the voice of reason for the girls. In the episode Something a Ms., Sedusa tried to disguise herself as Ms. Bellum in an attempt to trick the Mayor into thinking Bellum was trying to seduce him.

Powerpuff Girls Z

In Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z, Ms. Bellum possesses blonde hair, a red dress (Which is sometimes white), she has 2 gold bangles (one on each hand) and black high heel shoes. Usually, Ms. Bellum covers her face with a tablet computer, which has lipstick imprinted on it. While the Mayor is different from his original counterpart and is more competent, Ms. Bellum in the anime still does most of the mayor's work for him in a manner similar to the original Ms. Bellum, and still appears to be the brains of the operation. Also, Fuzzy Lumpkins is in love with her, and primary she is conquisted, however, she does not reciprocate his feelings, but later she hates Fuzzy. She is voiced by Youko Kawanami in the Japanese show and is voiced by Nicole Oliver in the English dub.