Project Rowdy-0

Project Rowdy-0

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Mr. Weasel appearances

Mr. Weasel is assumed to be the "father"/scientists of "PROJECT: ROWDY" and can be found in some FANMADE videos of the online comic; "Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi" or PPGD.

  • he is seen in the video "Project:ROWDY" by: Youtuber; "Soacwa"


  • he is also seen in the background in the PPGD in the chapter: I. M. Weasel


  • he is one of the characters in a couple of fanfictions like in the link below by: CoreyW.


  • He is in a TV series; "I. M. Weasel"


in "Bleedman's" comic ; PPGD, he is seen as one of the scientists that revived the Rowdyruffs along with "John Brisbiane".