Topsy turvy slide

The eighteen episode of the series. Nancy becomes the mother-figure of The Powerpuff Girls and the rowdyruff boys.


Once The Powerpuff Girls and The Rowdyruff Boys are done fighting a giant ant monster, they go back to their house. As the girls and boys go home, the girls and boys go inside and the professor introduces it's Mother's Day. Bubbles, boomer, butch, and Buttercup says what is mother's day. Blossom and brick explains it as Professor says they are right. The Professor introduces a young woman named Nancy and says this will be their new mom for on and will cook, clean after messes, play with them and prepare dinner. They are so excited. The Professor asks them can they give Nancy a present. They say yes, and go out to find something for Nancy. They can't find anything that's a gift. Then they spot something that Nancy will really like- a colorful pearl necklace. They think it's extremely beautiful, but however; it is rare and cost $1,000,000,000. Just then, a monster comes to town and attacks it. They stop the monster, but Townsville has alot of damage that The Powerpuff Girls and the rowdyruff boys have to clean it up. As they do clean up after the damage, Blossom sees the colorful rare necklace on the floor. Blossom makes a hard decision wether to take the necklace or leave it. She then steals it. At home, Bubbles, boomer, brick, butch, and Buttercup are home first giving Nancy poppy flowers. Nancy really loves it. Suddenly, Blossom appears and introduces her gift- the necklace. Nancy says it's simply gogerous and hugs Blossom. Nancy then wears it. Buttercup, butch, boomer, brick, and Bubbles becomes suspious of Blossom. Blossom makes up an excuse. Suddenly the police come in their house and nearly arrest Nancy and thinks she stole the necklace. Blossom tries to escape but is confronted by her sisters and brothers. Her sisters fight Blossom. Finally, Blossom admits it she stole the necklace. Nancy is not arrested, and the police punish Blossom by cleaning toilets at Jail.