Momoko, Kaoru, saving others, designing clothes, family, christmas, Cody/Takaaki, her powers


Being treated badly, villains, rejection

Voiced by

Michelle Ruff

??? (actual show)

Main Weapon


Super Form

Rolling Bubbles






Baby Blue

Signature Color

Baby Blue

Cartoon Counterpart


The bubbly one of The Powerpuff Girls Z. She is known to be quite popular with the boys at her school, although, she already has eyes on Takaaki (named Cody in the Engllish version). Her known name in the Japenese version is Miyako, while in English is known for Bubbles. It is revealed she has a little sister named Ami (Dolly in the English dub).


Miyako is the second member of The Powerpuff Girls Z. Her form is Rolling Bubbles, which she uses a bubble-wand for a weapon. Unlike the original, where she is often childish, Miyako is quite mature, as she act as a mother towards Ken. But is the ditziest member of the group, who often appears to be a bit clueless, and seems to not completely understand her powers, along with a few things. She is very friendly and polite, but likes the other two girls, can too get mad when provoked, and disapproves of crying to get what she wants. She is popular with many boys at her school, but already has feelings for Cody, after saving her from boys when she was much younger. Just in the regular show, she has her inncoent and gentle personality, and has a love for animals as well as her doll Octi. Her younger sister bothers her alot, but the two still care for one another despite Ami always bothering her in many different way. In the PPGZD manga she has a new upgraded form 'Rolling Bubbles Neptune'.