An online video game, where The Powerpuff Girls enter in The Powerpunk Girls' reality as The Powerpunk Girls and Oppressor Plutonim destroy the city. The player must fight on an adventure to go back to the Mirror to go back to Townsville.


Space = attack Arrow keys = walk/fly X key = use boost T key = special power

Playable characters

Blossom Bubbles Buttercup Bunny (unlockables) Banana (unlockables Bianca (unlockables) Bell (unlockables) Barasia (unlockables) Brennan (unlockables) Brick (unlockables) Butch (unlockables) Boomer (unlockables) Blake (unlockables) Bash (unlockables) Breaker (unlockables)


There are access codes for unlockable characters Here are some of them Brick:rrbr Butch:rrbg Boomer:rrbb Bunny:ssgp Banana:ssgy Bell:ssgspgw

release date

Should be out by november or december 2014.