Miko Kobayashi
Yuji s PowerPuff Z Bunny by Lance the One


Akina, Jazmin, Momomko, Miyako, Karou, Sora, discovering new things, her powers, helping others


villains, somebody taking what's hers, bugs

Voiced by


Main Weapon

boxing gloves

Super Form

Bouncing Bunny



The self-proclaim leader of The Strongershine Girls Z. Not too intelligent, she is rather a curious girl, who likes to discover new things. When not in her powersuit, she wears a light purple turtle-neck shirt and black skirt, which she's worn ever since her childhood. She is best friends with Akina and Jazmin. Kuriko happens to be a fan of their team.


She is the self-proclaim leader, who she tries hard to lead than well. Miko is curious who loves discovering new things and places. She isn't so intelligent, but is smart at plans. She is caring towards her friends and teammates. Miko has a bit of an apetite for many delicous desserts, though, when not having them for a really long time, she'll have no energy to get active. She tries to see the hopeful side of things. She has a dimay with bugs or whatever seems disgusting around her. She's a sporty girl. Her form is Bouncing Bunny. She represents by flowers.