after they give gifts

The girls are happily in their room playing when they remember its Valentine's Day.

Blossom: oh no its Valentine's Day and we havent got the boys anything. (rowdyruff boys)

Bubbles: well its not like its over yet. We'll give em something

Buttercup: yeah lets give them the things they love. super fighters. They never had enough money for it anyway.

Incase you dont know super fighters are the boys favorite show. they always asked for the action figures but could never get it.

All the girls: ALRIGHT!

With the boys:

Brick: ah man its Valentine's Day and we did'nt get the girls anything.

Boomer: no prob lets give them there faverite objects lilly flowers and caremel choclates.

Butch: yup no prob.

They end up meeting each other on the side walk and they alll say ahh you should'nt have. the girls give them a kiss on the cheek.