Lil' Arturo
Don't mess with me, okay? Okay.


Arturo de la Guerra Hijo


Lil' Arturo






Gangreen Gang, Ace, Snake, Grubber, Big Billy


The Powerpuff Girls, The Rowdyruff Boys


Juvenile Delinquent, Ragamuffin


'Macho' Arturo de la Guerra Padre (father), Paz de la Guerra (mother) (decreased)


Authority Figures, Dentists, Isolation

Voice Actor

Tom Kenny

Lil' Arturo is a supporting villain in The Powerpuff Girls and is a member of The Gangreen Gang. He is the youngest of the gang at age 12. He is voiced by Tom Kenny in the original series, and voiced by Carlos Alazraqui exclusively in the episode Buttercrush.


Lil' Arturo appears to be very short (almost about the height of an average 5-year-old) and has a Mexican-Spanish accent.

He has black hair that is brushed sideways that looks like he jumped out of a Picasso painting, a red-maroon short sleeved shirt with a white long sleeved one underneath, black pants, black shoes, rounded teeth, and a dark green nose like Bilg Billy's (only triangle shaped). He also has a rather prominent underbite. Arturo takes pride in his appearance -specifically his hair- and prefers to look rather "sharp".



According to Lil' Arturo, his father, Arturo de la Guerra (preferably Macho Arturo), 'went up the river' and his mother, Paz de la Guerra, has 'gone west', leaving him a foundling at the age of three. He was then forced to reside in Townsville's Foster Care system, where he was very poorly treated. Eventually, Arturo grouped up with a young rouge named Ace and his fellows, and together they ran away into the safety of Townsville's dump, thus soon evolving into The Gangreen Gang.


Lil' Arturo personally loves his switchblade-styled comb whom he refers to as “Maria Conchita Teresa Rosalita”, or simply “Maria” for short. Maria also was once the prize possession of his father, Macho Arturo. She was given to Arturo as something to remember him by, seconds before Macho Arturo was 'sent up the river' (meaning "sentenced to life imprisonment'). Ever since that day, Arturo has kept Maria very close to his heart.