Momoko, Miyako, sports, power, her piko piko hammer, Christmas, fun, Butch Z


Girly stuff, skirts, villans

Voiced by


Main Weapon

Piko Piko Hammer

Super Form

Power Buttercup



The tough one of The Powerpuff Girls Z. She is famous at school for her alethic nature. She has a strong dislike for anything that seems too girly, such as skirts and cuteness, and that is the reason she join the team. Her known name in the Japanese version is Karou, while in the English version, she is named by her more common name Buttercup.


Karou was the third member of The Powerpuff Girls Z. Her transformation is "Powered Buttercup" and uses a large swing hammer as a weapon. Kaoru has a strong dislike for skirts and other girly stuff. Like in the regular show, Kaoru is a tomboy, also is the most easily enraged girl of the two. While not as calm as Miyako, she has always been more practical than the ditzy Momoko.

Kaoru is famous for being the most athletic girl in school. She enjoys all kinds of sports and spends a great deal of working them on TV. She is mostly good at soccer. Kaoru's greatest fear is ghosts and hunted mansions. Kaoru has a slight crush on Butch Z, as seen after her kiss until she was told to stop. She represents stars. In PPGZD she has a new upgraded form "Powered Buttercup Gaia."