Inferno is a 8 year old moron like brat he stole radiation he has the ability to look like a shadow allowing him to steal steal loads of cash with out a trace and can give his shadow free will will so his shadow does his need for him he's so dumb that he animated fire and leads a army mere living fire his extreme stupidity stupidity allowed him to go to winx club and take Bloom's dragon flame flame with ease then burned cloud tower to the ground he can be weakened by water hes sucessfully kissed Brat for a minute on the lips lips he can generate a fire blast the size of a comet from his palms he he has golden locks of hair he has sparkly blue eyes and shiny teeth teeth has a perfect body any one please add a photo any way he just just rocks Brat's world she rocks his world to Brat just wants to kiss him all the time and when he sets a house on fire the firemen never make it in time please add a photo if you like powerpuff girls action time wiki add a photo to this page article created by me Landon Noah lambert northharper road Corinth Mississippi just add a photo and I'll promise you won't have to come to this wiki ever again come here to learn about Inferno Powerpuff fans I'm makin sure this article is not a stub Inferno's has a inny belly button he is spoiled like Brat he was made to be like this because he was made out of lion snips, sick snail and a rabid puppy dog tail a magic spell gave him his powers also again add a photo and rewrite brats love affair season 8 is going to happen please please please please ad a photo on this page if you are reading this you will be under probation if you add any swear word .