The 21st episode of the series. A new girl moves across the street of the Powerpuff Girls. She steals some Chemical X and drinks becoming like the girls. The Girls and Boys need to stop Tootsie or she'll destroy Townsville. This is a 30-minute special. Also, this is the season finale of Season 1, and this episode is similar to Stuck Up, Up and Away.


The episode begins with The Powerpuff Girls playing leap frog. They see a move-in truck, and a pudgy blond girl comes out living in an mansion. The Girls introduces themselves to her. However; she is spoiled and rude, but does introduce herself as Tootsie Diamonds, a trillonaire who owns the rarest diamonds and enjoys buying the cutest outfits in the world. Then the girls see a giant monster come to Townsville. The Girls fly off to stop it. Tootsie is then really fascinated of The Powerpuff Girls' powers. She runs where The Girls are fighting. After the girls fight, Tootsie shows up and says they are awesome. The Girls thank her. The girls introduce their team name. Tootsie asks if she can be a Powerpuff Girl. The Girls kindly refuse her offer. Tootsie then becomes angry, then thinks of a plan. The next morning, The Girls with the Rowdyruff Boys are playing together. As Bubbles is playing with her dolls, Tootsie comes over to her and maniplulates Bubbles by saying she and her sisters are truly awesome and talented. Bubbles says thank you. Tootsie then asks what they are made of. Bubbles falls for it and says sugar, spice, everything nice, and Chemical X, a powerful ingredient that gave them powers in the first place. Tootsie asks where it is. Bubbles tells her in the basement. Tootsie then secretly breaks into the girls house. She goes down into The Professor's Lab and drinks Chemical X givng her powers. When The Powerpuff Girls and The Rowdyruff Boys play video games Tootsie comes out of the lab, and tries to get her revenge on the girls, and for some reason, the Boys too. They clash in a big fight, along with damaging Townsville. Then the Boys says to the Girls to use their team power. The Powerpuff Girls uses the move Razzle Dazzle making Tootsie overwhelmed and defeated and is sent to Jail. The day is saved by The Powerpuff Girls and The Rowdyruff Boys.