Berserk Crazy

The 25th episode of the series and the firth episode of Season 2. One day, at The Powerpunk Girls' House, Brute, Brat, and Berserk are mad at their defeat Berserk goes berserk! The Powerpuff Girls and The Rowdyruff Boys are force to help Brute and Brat with their sister.


The episode starts with the Powerpunk Girls returning home, defeated in battle. They are on the couch felling sorry for them selfs, when Berserk then starts to twitch, just like Butch used to. She jumps up and starts laughing evily. She then tries to suddenly eye laser her sisters and much more to try and damage things. Brute and Brat get out of their home and try and think of what to do. Brat comes up with an idea. Brute doesn't like it at first, but remembering it is their only choice, she agrees. The two girls fly over to the powerpuff girl's house and ask for help the Powerpuff girls and Rowdyruff boys who were there to hang out, rejected at first, but once they saw the Damageed Berserk was doing to the city, they jumped right in action. Blossom gets Berserk's attention and The Powerpuff girls and Rowdyruff boys fight Berserk. Though Berserk punches don't hurt, the girls and boys fake being defeated. Berserk, thinking she won, returns back to normal and flys home with her sisters.