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this is brick mad after fluffy kitty scrated him in the face

The 50th episode of the series and the 8th episode of Season 3. The Fluffy Bunch return. When Fluffy Kitty uses cute looks to get what her team (while her teamates aren't around) The Rowdyruff Boys confront her, and kidnap the kitty. As witnessing it Cuddly Bunny and Puppy Wuppy retreat and triesto save her. Meanwhile, The Powerpuff Girls try to look for the rest of The Fluffy Bunch, while The Rowdyruff Boys (who are at The Powerpuff Girls' house) are told to not let Fluffy Kitty out of their sight (who furiously attacks them, at her every opportunity). Brick has a back up plan...


The city of Townsville, where a cute evil group is trying to use people. The Fluffy Bunch have a bet to see who uses their cute looks to go get ice cream. Fluffy Kitty loses the bet, and goes in. She mauniplates the ice cream man to get her and her group some ice cream. But is then confronted by The Rowdyruff Boys who were eating ice cream. Fluffy is defeated by them, by simply putting ice cream her. Puppy Wuppy and Cuddly Bunny witness it and retreat, planning to save Fluffy Kitty.

Later, The Rowdyruff Boys, report to The Powerpuff Girls they kidnap Fluffy Kitty (who is locked in a pet cage). Blossom tells Brick that she's impressed. But shortly sees that Puppy Wuppy and Cuddly Bunny may be planning to try to save Fluffy Kitty. So The Powerpuff Girls go to find the rest of The Fluffy Bunch while The Rowdyruff Boys are left to guard Fluffy Kitty. While The Boys are playing a card game, Fluffy Kitty escapes from the cage by using her claws to pick the lock. Once Brick takes a break, he and his brothers immediately discover Fluffy Kitty has escaped. As revenge, she furiously attacks Boomer by her claws. Butch tries to get Fluffy Kitty off Boomer but ends up getting attacked with Boomer. Brick suddenly thinks up an idea.

Meanwhile, The Powerpuff Girls are looking for Puppy Wuppy and Cuddly Bunny. First they try to look if there is any attention in the city. Sure enough, they find a big crowd of people around. They are told they saw the cute animal group, but it's not enough information about their whereabouts, so they go to The Mayor. The Girls go to City Hall where they see him on the floor smiling dreamingly at an newspaper.