The Powerpuff Girls and there Boyfriends are playing video games. They do not no that The PowerPunks and there Boyfriends are spying on them trying to find out a way to defeat them. Brat then says why can't we still the things that they love. The group agrees a sneaks inside. Brock and Berserk steals Blossom's hair products. Brat and Beck takes Bubbles' Octi. While Brute and Bert snatches all of Buttercup's Video games. Bubbles gets scared of Buttercup's games and say's she will get Octi. Blossom tells buttercup to play a nicer game for Bubbles. They hear Bubbles scream so Boomer and Blossom run upstairs to find out whats going on. Bubbles starts to crie out Octis gone. Blossom looks at her desk where her hair products are suppose to be and say's
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 "My hair products are gone to! Downstairs They here Buttercup yell that her Video games are gone. The Puffs and there Boyfriend's think of who done it. The they all say in a union "The Powerpunk girls". Meanwhile at the Punks house them and there boyfriends are seen laughing hearing the girls scream in terror. Brat says Bubbles will be scared all the time without her Octi. Brute adds that Buttercup can't learn anymore cool moves when her video games are gone. Berserk then says Blossom's hair will be all messy now and cant go out in public. They all continue to laugh. The Powerpuff girls Boomer, Butch and Brick. Sneak into the Punks house and take back there stuff and also steals the punks stuff. Comics (Berserk) Clothes (Brat) and karate gear (Brute). They get out of the house with out being spotted and plays in there front yard. The Punks and there Boyfriends notice this and runs to the Punks room. Not only seeing they stole there stuff back they took their's as well.