The 54th episode of the series and the 12th episode of Season 3. Plot: The Powerpunk Girls wanted revenge on The Powerpuff Girls for always caughting them. Berserk then had a plan and explained it to her sisters. After she explained her idea, The Powerpunk Girls laughed like a witch. Oppressor then called Professer and told him The Powerpunk Girls turned good. Professer told the same thing to The Powerpuff Girls and they can spend the night. The Powerpuff Girls with eager faces, opened the door and letted The Powerpunk Girls to come in. The Powerpuff Girls told The Powerpunk Girls their personal code to the secret box with their address,photos of them. The Powerpunk Girls (pretending to be nice) baked The Powerpuff Girls cookies. They told each other ghost stories. Brat then got impatient and asked Berserk when are they gonna steal their address,photos of The Powerpuff Girls, and their phone number. Berserk answered her. Then they played Truth or Dare. Then they went to sleep. When The Powerpuff Girls were sleeping, The Powerpunk Girls toked their address,photos of them, and their phone number and went to rob a bank. After The Powerpunk Girls robbed the bank, they hid the money in a purse they stole, and tooked a pizza truck. They saw The Rowdyruff Boys saw them and started to fight them, but before they can fight them, The Powerpunk Girls tied up The Rowdyruff Boys and threw them in the back of the truck. They saw the officers. Berserk claimed it was The Powerpuff Girls and showed the officers their personal information. The officers knocked at The Powerpuff Girls' door. Blossom told Bubbles to answer the door. Bubbles answered the door. The officers asked if was The Powerpuff Girls' house. Bubbles answered yes. When the officers told Bubbles that they robbed a bank Bubbles was shocked. Bubbles flew to a truck that she saw and saw The Powerpunk Girls and fought them and untied The Rowdyruff Boys and hugged Boomer. The officers putted The Powerpunk Girls in their house. Berserk apologized to her Professer. Oppressor said it was ok. And told them not to give up.