Desiree Goldman


Anna Goldman (Twin Sister), Unknown Mother, Unknown Father


Getting her way, boys, being rich, being popular, messing with her sister along with The Powerpunk Girls and The Powerpuff Girls, fashion, using people, etc...


Her sister, The Powerpuff Girls, The Powerpunk Girls, not getting her way, losing, etc...


10 (Season 1), 11 (Season 2), 12 (Season 3), 13 (Season 4), 14 (Season 5), 15 (Season 6), 16 (Season 7), 17 (Season 8), 18 (Season 9), 19 (Season 10), 20 (Season 11)


Dirty Blonde (Goes past her shoulders)




Princess Morbucks


May 26

Sign, Planet

Gemini, Sun



Desiree Goldman is the sister to Anna Goldman. She is the rival of her, The Powerpuff Girls and The Powerpunk Girls.


Dirty blonde hair that goes past her shoulders, greenish-bluish eyes. She wears a dark red tube top with a bloody heart in the middle and a black super-mini-skirt with pink outlines. She has on red rocker gloves and black boots.She is twelve years old


She has the same appearance as Anna but with different personailities, you could say that she's her evil counterpart if you will. She is cold, sarcastic, demanding, spoilt, ditzy, manipulative, dramatic, fearless, popular, cheater, user, and confident. She hates her sister, The Powerpuff Girls and The Powerpunk Girls with a passion. She is best friends with Princess. Her one goal is to date The Rowdyruff Boys and The Rowdyrunk Boys and to get her sister and the others out of the way permenatly, her and Anna's parents got a divorce after they first moved to Townsville. She went with her Father to California and became a famous actress-singer-supermodel, while Anna stayed with her Mother. In all truth she is jealous of how her sister has so many friends, and how she treated. While she was in California, Anna stayed in Townsville and became Best Friends with The Powerpuff Girls and The Rowdyruff Boys, she also has a grudge against The Powerpunk Girls and The Rowdyrunk Boys for always causing trouble.

Sign Qualities

  • Element- Air
  • Direction- NW
  • Body Parts- Shoulders, hands, and arms


  • Backstabber
  • Rich
  • Stunning
  • Active
  • Popular
  • Famous actress/singer/supermodel
  • Cheater
  • Liar
  • Funny
  • User
  • Manipulative
  • Dramatic
  • Diva
  • Easily Bored
  • Good Kisser
  • Ditsy
  • Fashionista
  • Confident
  • Fearless




Anna Goldman (Sister, dislikes her but would do anything to protect her)

The Powerpuff Girls (Rivals)

The Powerpunk Girls (Rivals)

The Rowdyruff Boys (Wants to date them)

The Rowdyrunk Boys (Wants to date them)

Princess Morbucks (BFF)


  • The reason Anna and the girls don't like her is because she attracts all boys, even if they have a girlfriend.
  • Anna and her are idetintical twins.
  • She is basically the counterpart of Anna

Signature Song

FASHION IS MY KRYPTONITE by Bella Thorne and Zendaya

Favorite Color

Pink and Purple

But she usually wears red