The 23th episode of the series and the third episode of Season 2. The Powerpuff Girls and The Rowdyruff Boys must fight many of the main villains as time goes fast: Sedusa, Fluffy Bunch, Princess, HIM, The Powerpunk Girls.


After school, as it is Day Light Savings Time, 5:45 PM, The Powerpuff Girls and The Rowdyruff Boys go out to plan eating pizza. But they find themselves mixed up as every villain they fought so far tries to destroy them. First enemy is Princess in her all new jumpsuit, Blossom fights her only. She mansges to defeat her with Ice Breath.

Next, is Sedusa, which Boomer fights her. Boomer defeats her by using Sonic Clap.

Next oppenent is Him, which is only fought against Brick. He defeats him using flame tornado.

Next is the Fluffy Bunch foughten against Butch and Buttercup. The manage to defeat her.

Last villain is The Powerpunk Girls. It's Bubbles turn to defeat them. Bubbles says she can't do it. Her sisters and Boomer give her courage. Bubbles fight three of The Powerpunk Girls all by herself. She defeats them.

It is 8:04 PM, they only got a minute to eat pizza with The Professor. They fly off to the Pizza Restarnt.

They make it there in time and eat pizza with The Professor.